Posted by: tarabutterfly | September 29, 2010

My life these days

You ever get the feeling that somehow your life froze in one place and you can’t seem to move on?

Home life, love life, career, even health… it all seems stalled out at the moment.

That’s part of the purpose of this blog. I feel like a caterpillar who got stuck in the chrysalis and never pushed her way out. There might be wings in here somewhere, but they’re wet and wrinkly, jammed in here with the rest of me.

For starters, I live at home with my parents, my brother, and all of our various pets.

I do not have my driver’s license, or a car. Or the bills that go along with that.

I do not pay rent, though I often help out my parents when needed because I do have a full time job. My parents have never really charged me rent, because I put myself through college full-time while working full-time as well.

In education matters I may be ahead of the curve a little. I do have a BA in Human Development, emphasis on Early Childhood education, an AS in Early Childhood Education, and an AA in Liberal Arts. IT took me 8 years, but I came away from college with my hands full of papers to support my chosen career. Except for updating my training now and again, I’m set for school.

As for my love life… it doesn’t exist. Never really has. I was always the friend. Or if guys were interested, I had no idea, or I totally blew it because I was clueless, so nothing ever moved beyond vague flirtations. I appear to be drawn to unavailable men because they are ‘safe’ but because they are unavailable in someway or another; distance, relationship status, I can’t take it beyond flirtation. Because I’m not about to be the ‘other woman’ or the one that’s so far away that she doesn’t really count.

Health-wise, I have a clubbed foot, rheumatic heart disease, I wear glasses, and I am overweight. More about the mess that is me another time though. It sure doesn’t help the push out of the chrysalis when I feel like I do.

As for work… it seems many of my co-workers never left high school regardless of their actual age. Since we are supposed to be teaching children proper social behavior, this is unfortunate. And makes acting like a professional more difficult than it should be.

Posted by: tarabutterfly | September 22, 2010

Hello world!

This blog is a place for me to hone my writing skills. I’ve often wondered if my thoughts, my life were interesting enough for strangers to be interested in reading about it. I have lots to say. Funny stories, happy stories, stories of adventure, of joy, of fear and sorrow. I hope you’ll join me. I hope I can interest you. If not, well, I’ve bored you and you left so have a nice day!

Let’s start this out with a story from work today. I am a preschool teacher, but on occasion, I help out in the office. Which is also where teachers sometimes send children who may need a break from the classroom, or children they need a break from due to behavior. I was doing paperwork in the office this afternoon as one of my students was leaving with his father. I told him to have a good night and he did a double-take. Looking quite stunned, he asked, “You’re in the office?”

Smiling, I assured him that I would be back in the classroom next week.

“But, you’re in the office!” He sounded positively offended.

His dad understood his tone before I did. “Maybe she got in trouble for hurting friends,” he said with a warning tone. The little boy looked very concerned about this as they left. He had apparently been trying to hit or kick his friends in the classroom today. I may have a job assuring the boy that I was just helping out in the office, but I’ll never forget his expression at finding me there.